Historic Road N7

Nationale 7 History

A mythical road that has become a heritage element.

Important Roman road leading to Lyon, the great way of the kingdom Paris-Lyon, imperial road, blue road in the Fifties and mythical holiday road... It is the axis most charged with history. The N7 marked the life and development of the Pays de Lapalisse and today constitutes a real element of its heritage, indicated by National 7 Historic signs. At Lapalisse the crossing is emblematic, the road appears as a majestic road to the castle and the famous traffic jams gave birth to the event "Embouteillage de Lapalisse" (in 2006, at the time of the detour) ; every 2 years, more than 1 000 old vehicles and more than 25 000 people gather to revive the legendary holiday route from the 50s and 60s. In the land of truths, you can take the time by traveling on the National. 7, ideally in old, to meet beautiful people, relive the history of the road, discover its sites, its vestiges : - traces of the old Royal Route - the Route Bleue paneling - the old advertising "Vichy Célestins" - the old service station - - the old garage - the traces of the grand hotel de l'Ecu - the former Espalus hotel - 2 steps away, the imposing Valley Bridge - or L'étape Bleue Restaurant - and AVAIA, a conservatory for old trucks… Share your emotions and add your memories on the Facebook page Embouteillage de Lapalisse: https://www.facebook.com/embouteillagen7lapalisse/

A specific signage for the legendary road

The legendary National Road 7, which evokes 2000 years of history, connecting the Capital to Menton in 995 km, is now a national and European historic and tourist site, as well as the mythical Route 66 to USA.

Numerous actions have already been carried out in the Pays de Lapalisse

In 2011, the Community of Communes Pays de Lapalisse, with the financial support of Europe (Leader Fund) and the General Council of Allier, is the first territory to launch this new operation initiated by the historian Thierry Dubois. which will definitively inscribe the national heritage 7.
In each partner locality, this unified signage has been put in place to allow amateurs and tourists wishing to follow the old National Road 7 to find it, and to dwell on the particularly interesting places: locality in Périgny, Lapalisse and St Prix, welcome panel, panels of historical presentation of the villages traversed and panels of places. The various panels deliberately inspired by the old "Michelin" signs that were found on our roads in the 20th century, remind us of the historical character of the operation.

A tourist brochure is available to follow this itinerary in the Pays de Lapalisse.

The traffic jam of Lapalisse ... The 50s and 60s on the Road Nationale 7 ...

Since its deviation in 2006, Lapalisse has been celebrating every two years, the legendary National 7 of the holidays for images and memories full of eyes! You will participate in a unique and unusual reconstruction, that of the great departures on holiday to the Cote d'Azur in the golden years of the blue road.

Passionate about old cars and lovers of the National 7 of any region and country will meet in the Land of Truth for a parade of several hundred old vehicles (cars, caravans, trucks, bicycles, vespas, any brand ...) with accessories and passengers in outfits from the 50s and 60s, period scenes organized or improvised. Benefiting since 2006 from the collaboration of Thierry Dubois historian, draftsman and passionate about the roads of France, the Community of Communes Pays de Lapalisse is the organizer of this event. A whole territory is mobilized alongside the Animation Pays de Lapalisse service; the Organizing Committee brings together elected representatives, shopkeepers, restaurateurs, associations, companies, enthusiasts of old vehicles ...

The major players in this event are of course the hundreds of participants who are working to make this historical re-enactment a success. A unique atmosphere and an exceptional plateau on this road of happiness that Trénet sang!

Entertainment each 2nd week-end of October (on even-numbered year)

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Situated between the plains of Sologne Bourbonnaise and the Highlands of the Bourbonnaise Mountain, in the heart of the Besbre valley, the "Country of Lapalisse" has a particularly rich historical and cultural heritage, like the castle of Famous Monsieur de La Palice. With a natural environment of quality, suitable for many activities, calm and relaxation will seduce you. Good stay among us ...

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