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Access to holidays, leisure and culture is a right for all. Since 1997, the Tourism Secretariat has made it a priority. It has therefore engaged in a process of sensitizing and mobilizing tourism professionals for the integration of people with disabilities and accessibility. The national label "Tourism and Handicap" is part of this approach with two objectives:

  • Provide reliable and objective information on the accessibility of tourist sites and facilities, taking into account all handicaps.
  • Develop an adapted offer integrated with the generalist offer.

A label for who ?

This label enables people with disabilities and their relatives to have reliable information on the 4 types of disabilities: auditory, mental, motor, visual.

The offer must cover all tourist services and in particular accommodation, restaurants, tourist sites and leisure. It makes it possible to sensitize and engage tourism professionals in a process of reception, accessibility and information aimed at disabled customers.

These professionals thus become the actors and ambassadors of the reception of the handicapped public.

A label how ?

It is a voluntary initiative of tourism professionals who wish to receive customers with disabilities. On the basis of an initial diagnosis, the professional can undertake either to adapt his equipment with the support of the competent services and specialized associations or in the labeling procedure itself.

The labeling involves the analysis of the equipment by representatives of tourism professionals and associations of people with disabilities. The national association "Tourism & Handicap" then issues the label, which can be granted for 2, 3 or 4 deficiencies. The criteria chosen are not intended to select the ideal situations but to identify the equipment in which handicapped tourists can use the services as autonomously as possible. The national unity of the device and the evolution of the criteria are ensured by the association "Tourism & Handicap".



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